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Many members of the Fisher-Price Collectors Club collect the older wooden pull toys. Wooden pull toys were the primary type of toy made by Fisher-Price up into the 1960's, so there are plenty of different ones out there. There is one particularly fun subgroup to collect, which is the wooden trains. Fisher-Price made many wooden trains from the 1940's to 1980's, when plastic toys became the norm and took over. The trains made by Fisher-Price had fun names like Huffy Puffy or Looky Chug-Chug, plus cool movements and most importantly, chugging or whistling sounds! On this page we showcase many of the trains, plus some information on which are worth something (though markets fluctuate wildly so always do research on Ebay when buying or selling!).
The Trains

Below are the Fisher-Price trains that we show on this page. There are some older ones we don't show (like Donald Duck riding a train) since we focused on ones that were "pure train" (not a character riding a train, maybe someday after I will the lottery we will include them). The trains are roughly listed in order of when they were first produced. Check 'em out!
1. Looky Chug-Chug #161 (1949) 10. Dinkey #642 (1959)
2. Puffy #444 (1951) 11. Smokie #642 (1960)
3. Looky Chug-Chug #220 (1953) 12. Golden Gulch Express #191 (1961)
4. Chuggy Pop-Up #616 (1955) 13. Playland Express #192 (1962)
5. Fisher-Price Choo-Choo #215 (1955) 14. Toot-Toot #641 (1963)
6. Whistling Engine #617 (1957) 15. Huffy Puffy #999 (1963)
7. Huffy Puffy #999 (1958) 16. Magnetic Chug-Chug #168 (1964)
8. Looky Chug-Chug #189 (1958) 17. Toot-Toot #643 (1964)
9. Whistling Engine #617 (1958) 18. Toyfest Replicas (1989)

1. Looky Chug-Chug #161 (1949)

Years Made: 1949-1953ish

Worth Anything? Can be, especially in good condition. Though this train can usually be found on Ebay at any given time, a good one can be somewhat hard to find. This train sells best with the tender car, since it is often missing! There is some sort of handmade replica look-alike train that I have seen come up on Ebay (has a small bell; small face; open metal-looking chimney) so make sure you know what you are bidding on!

General Info: Looky Chug-Chug #161 is one of the oldest trains made by Fisher-Price. It consists of an engine with a wooden happy face, plus a tender car that attaches with a metal hook. The tender car has "L&CCRR" written on it, which of course stands for "Looky Chug-Chug Railroad". The engine's eyes move as you pull the toy. The original pull string was red. The engine has a metal bell which rings when you pull the lever attached to it. Sometimes you find this toy with the bell rusty. Very often on Ebay, you find these trains selling without the tender car, so a complete one is a nice find! Being the oldest of the pull trains, it tends to sell well complete in good condition.

2. Puffy #444 (1951)

Years Made: 1951 - ?

Worth Anything? Don't see a ton of these on Ebay, yet they don't seem to go through the roof in price either

General Info: Puffy #444 is a small train. It is quite a bit shorter than the aforementioned Looky Chug-Chug. Puffy came with no other train cars, only an engine. Puffy has yellow gears which turn when you push the train. Small and simple, Puffy still is a fun train to play with. On Ebay, it's very common to find Puffy with lots of wear on the lithos (paper decorations).

3. Looky Chug-Chug #220 (1953)

Years Made: 1953 - ?

Worth Anything? Yes! This train is very rare. It comes up on Ebay far less than the older Looky Chug-Chug #161. Took me almost a year to find a good one on Ebay to buy! Fortunately the coal car is connected to the engine, so finding it complete isn't as hard as some trains!

General Info: Looky Chug-Chug #220 is an updated version of the earlier Looky Chug-Chug #161. Looky Chug-Chug #220 has a red engine with a coal car permanently attached (so no losing it!). The engine's face is more yellow in color. The engine and coal car were built onto the same wooden blue platform, so they can't be disconnected. The wheels are yellow, and there is a silver bell. The coal car also has "L&CCRR" (Looky Chug-Chug Railroad) written on it. The pistons move when the train is pushed. Very collectible!

4. Chuggy Pop-Up #616 (1955)

Years Made: 1955 - 1956

Worth Anything? Comes up here and there on Ebay; Sells OK but not super high. Not a train hugely sought after by collectors. There seems to many of these still out there, so the train is not considered rare.

General Info: Chuggy Pop-Up #616 is a one piece train. There were 2 variations made. The more common variation consists of a red engine with a red base, with a black-colored boiler, along with a blue chimney with ridges on it. The neatest feature is that there is an engineer built into the engine, whose head pops up and down as the train is pulled, and he can spin around, too! The wheels are yellow. It makes a popping sound when pulled along.

Fisher-Price Chuggy Pop-up Variation: Chuggy Pop-up came in 2 variations. The second variation looks very similar to the one described above, but this one has a blue base and a smooth chimney. From what research I have done, it seems this blue-base variation is the rarer of the two.

5. The Fisher-Price Choo Choo #215 (1955)

Year Made: 1955 - ?

Worth Anything? Comes up here and there on Ebay; sells OK.

General Info: Here is a very cool train! The Fisher-Price Choo Choo consists of an engine, plus 4 other train cars. Of course, the last car on the train is a caboose. The wheels on the cars are designed in such a way that they wobble when the train is pulled. Each of the 5 pieces of the train has colorful lithos, which are the same on both sides of the train, except for the caboose. The train does not break apart easily, since it's connected together with steel rods. This train is unusual since it's one of the only toys that officially has "Fisher-Price" right in the toy's name!

6. Whistling Engine #617 (1957, first version)

Year Made: 1957 only

Worth Anything? Rare train, pretty hard to find! Especially hard to find one that still whistles well. It took me over 8 months of searching on Ebay to find one. Then the week after I bought one (for $35 including shipping), there were 2 more listed for $10.00 and neither sold! Sigh.

General Info: Whistling Engine #617 was made for only about one year. It consists of just a blue engine, which had a boiler part that would move in and out as the train is pushed. This in-and-out movement would make a whistling sound, which is how the engine received its name. This engine is rather rare, since this train was redesigned the next year in a white/zigzag color scheme. This train does not come up on Ebay often, though it is not one of the trains hugely sought after by collectors.

7. Huffy Puffy #999 (1958, first version)

Years Made: 1958-1962

Worth Anything? Lots of Huffy Puffys on Ebay, but the trick is finding one complete, with intact couplings, and an intact grill on the engine! Often this train is not complete on Ebay, common to see it sold with cars missing.

General Info: Huffy Puffy #999 is an adorable train, and one that's easy to find on Ebay. But finding a good one can be a challenge! Huffy consists of an engine, a cattle car with movable doors, an open flat car, and a caboose. The engine has a big red happy face, with eyes that move up and down when the engine moves. The couplings can be either blue or orange. The cattle car could have orange or blue doors. The caboose has a little man holding a lantern. The man could have an orange hat and lantern, with a blue shirt, or the opposite: blue hat and lantern, with an orange shirt. Huffy Puffy often has a broken grill in the front (like my poor engine in the photo!), and the couplings are frequently completely broken off. I am not sure if the train was sold with all train cars with one color couplings (whether all blue or all orange). Huffy Puffy was the longest train made by Fisher-Price. Everyone should have at least one!

Fun Trivia: If you own a Little People House #952 - either the blue and yellow one, or the brown one - look on the wall inside the kid's upstairs right-side bedroom. On the wall is - you guessed it - a picture of 1958 Huffy Puffy!

Variation: Around 1962, some Huffy Puffy's were made using the lithos from the Fisher-Price Playland Express train, which was also being produced at that time. This is a very rare train, a neat one to collect.

8. Looky Chug-Chug #189 (1958)

Years Made: 1958 - ?

Worth Anything? Does not come up on Ebay often; sort of an unknown train - not many people seem to know about its existence.

General Info: Looky Chug-Chug #189 is the third train to hold that name. It almost looks like a mini (and less expensive) Huffy Puffy. It looks similar to Huffy Puffy, but is shorter at only 2 cars long. Looky Chug-Chug has the same face as Huffy Puffy, with eyes that move with the train. Looky Chug-Chug's chimney is taller than Huffy Puffy's, and it has only one car to pull, a small coal car which is well-connected and not easy to break off. Not an easy train to find!

9. Whistling Engine #617 (1958, second version)

Years Made: 1958-1962ish

Worth Anything? Not on Ebay much; not easy to find! Sometimes this engine is broken and doesn't "whistle". Should sell for something.

General Info: This Whistling Engine debuted in 1958, replacing the blue-colored Whistling Engine from 1957. The 1958 Whistling Engine is white with a zigzag design. Like the previous one, the engine makes a whistling sound when it moves. The engine's boiler actually moves in and out as the train moves, which is what creates the whistling sound. Whistling Engine consists of only an engine, no other cars came with it. Unlike the happy Huffy Puffy, Whistling Engine has no face at all - just a dark round metal piece in the front.

10. Dinkey #642 (1959)

Years Made: 1959

Worth Anything? Comes up here and there on Ebay; not a big collectible, even though only produced for one year

General Info: Dinkey is the first of many engines to be made in this particular shape. Dinkey has a wooden body with wooden red wheels, with a plastic front and cab. This train consists of only an engine; no other cars came with Dinkey. The name "Dinkey" is written right on the engine. This train often has faded lithos. Overall Dinkey is a simple train, but very well built and seems to stand the test of time. But I guess that maybe Fisher-Price didn't like the name "Dinkey" since they only used it one year.

11. Smokie #642 (1960)

Years Made: 1960 - 1962ish

Worth Anything? Smokie is just like Dinkey but has a different name. Smokie is an easy train to find on Ebay.

General Info:Smokie is another cute plastic pull train, which consists of just an engine. Smokie looks just like Dinkey, except it has a new name. Smokie has a blue and black color scheme, and a yellow wooden chimney. The name "Smokie" is written right on the engine. The wheels are red. Smokie is a common train, very easy to find on Ebay. But alas, since it is common, it doesn't tend to sell super high.

12. Golden Gulch Express #191 (1961)

Years Made: 1961 - 1962ish

Worth Anything? Yes! A rare train, not a lot of good Golden Gulches left! Often you find this train in poor condition, and missing the Indian or it has litho damage. A nice one should sell OK!

General Info: Golden Gulch Express was made to celebrate America's love of the Western genre. Golden Gulch has the same face as Huffy Puffy, but a cowboy-and-Indian themed engine and passenger car. The engine has a litho of a cowboy, a sheriff, a boy, and an engineer riding in the cab. The engineer carries a pretty big gun, too! The passenger car has some animals on it - a bucking buffalo, a horse and an antelope (I think!). The inside of the passenger car has pictures of a steer's head, plus a locked treasure chest. The neatest feature of Golden Gulch is there is a wooden Indian attached to the passenger car by a spring. The Indian has the same litho on both sides. This Indian is usually broken off. Since this is a rare train to begin with, finding a Golden Gulch with an intact Indian can be a HUGE challenge! This train should sell well in good condition.

13. Playland Express #192 (1962)

Years Made: 1962 - ?

Worth Anything? Yes! A rare train indeed! Not on Ebay often! Should sell well in good condition. Often lithos are ripped and faded.

General Info: Playland Express is a bright, colorful train. It has the same face used on Huffy Puffy and Golden Gulch. The engine has colorful circles on it, with a yellow chimney, and a picture of an engineer. Playland Express comes with one attached passenger car, connected with a thick solid wire. The passenger car is not supposed to come apart from the engine. The passenger car has lithos on both sides, and a door that opens in the back so kids could put things inside! This is a fun train to have. It is rather rare and not on Ebay often - if you are looking for one, it can take months to find one listed (which is what happened to me!). One in good condition should sell decently.

14. Toot-Toot #641 (1963)

Years Made: 1963 only

Worth Anything? Pops up here and there on Ebay; definitely a harder-to-find train, though not highly sought after, either.

General Info: Toot-Toot #641 is the first train to carry that name, but certainly not the last. This is a simple train, with the same shape as Dinkey and Smokie, but with a different color scheme. The boiler of the train is light blue, with an orange grill and cab. This particular Toot-Toot was only made for about one year, then a newer more colorful Toot-Toot takes its place in 1964. Even though rare, I haven't seen it sell super high on Ebay.

15. Huffy Puffy #999 (1963)

Years Made: 1963 - 1970's

Worth Anything? You see this version of Huffy Puffy often on Ebay, but finding a complete one with intact couplings and lithos could be a challenge!

General Info: The first Huffy Puffy was in production from 1958 to roughly 1962. Around 1963, Huffy Puffy got a whole new design. The same happy face is on the engine, but the engine's color scheme is more blue and red now. The open flat car has the word "Railroad" on it, and the cattle car has yellow or white doors. The caboose has the little conductor with the lantern, but different colors than the earlier Huffy Puffy. 1963's Huffy Puffy has red wheels, while the earlier 1958 Huffy Puffy has yellow wheels. The couplings could be yellow or white, and are often broken off. This Huffy Puffy can usually be found on Ebay, but like with the earlier Huffy Puffy train, finding one complete with intact couplings can be tricky! You often find this train being sold with a car or two missing.

16. Magnetic Chug-Chug #168 (1964)

Years Made: 1964 - 1969

Worth Anything? These come up on Ebay often enough; but finding a complete one with intact lithos can be tough! Often sold missing a car, or with damaged lithos on the long flat car.

General Info: Chug-Chug #168, usually referred to as Magnetic Chug-Chug, is a common enough train to find on Ebay. Magnetic Chug-Chug consists of an engine, a flat car, and a caboose. This train also has a feature not found on any other train - the cars have magnetic couplings (blue or yellow) to attach them all together. The lithos on the flat car explain that "Blue attaches to yellow", to help kids explain how to put the train together - though most kids would figure it out easily anyways!

Little People Connection: The engine has the same shape as Smokie and Dinkey and Toot-Toot, but Magnetic Chug-Chug has orange and brown colors. The flat car has lithos on both sides and the bottom. The caboose has a little surprise on it - a genuine Fisher-Price Little Person riding it! The Little Person is an older "straight-sided" one with an orange body, and a bald head. He spins when Chug-Chug is pulled - pretty cool! He is bolted down and does not come off (well, maybe if you cut up the caboose, you may be able to free him, but I don't recommend trying that!).

Magnetic Chug-Chug seems to be easy to find on Ebay. For some reason, the flat car's lithos are often damaged or simply missing, so keep that in mind when buying or selling!

17. Toot-Toot #643 (1964)

Years Made: 1964 to the 1980's

Worth Anything? Very common train, tons were made. Did come in 4 variations, with the earliest being the most rare. Lots of these Toot-Toots can be found on Ebay at any given time.

General Info: Toot-Toot #643 was probably the most common of all the trains. It was made for many years, until the 80's. Toot-Toot #643 had the same shape as Smokie, Dinkey, and the prior Toot-Toot. Toot-Toot #643 has a yellow grill, yellow cab, and red boiler. The earliest Toot-Toot's had wooden blue wheels and a wooden black chimney, and the later ones had plastic black wheels and a wooden blue chimney. All versions of this train had a wood boiler piece (don't think this train was all plastic). The first version of this train had the number #643 written down by the wheels. Later, all versions had the number written higher up. Overall, this train doesn't sell high since it is so common and was made as recently as the 80's.

18. Toyfest Replicas - Toot Toot #6575 (1989)

Years Made: 1989

Worth Anything? Being a replica, these trains have different pricing and demand than the "real" ones. Hard to say how they sell. Overall they do seem to sell less than they were originally priced (at least at the time of this writing, things could change!).

General Info: Toot Toot #6575 is a replica made in 1989 by the Toytown Museum for the Toyfest Festival. Toyfest was a weekend-long festival that celebrated toys (with amusement rides, a toy sale, car show, and parade) that took place every year in East Aurora, NY, but very sadly stopped in 2007. Each year the festival had a commemorative replica toy created just for that year, and Toot Toot was the one for 1989. Toot Toot #6575 is a combination of designs that were used on prior Fisher-Price trains. Toot Toot #6575's shape is just like the prior Toot-Toots, Smokie, and Dinkey; and the boiler has the same litho as Chuggy Pop-Up. The boiler piece and chimney are wood, and everything else is plastic. Toot Toot #6575 comes in two color schemes - one has a red front grill and yellow cab; the other has the opposite with a yellow front grill and red cab. I have no idea which is more common or rare. Each one is individually numbered. Think there were only like 5000 produced. As a collectible, the value remains to be seen. But it is a fun reminder of the Fisher-Price trains of yesteryear!

Thanks for visiting this page! As always, if you are buying or selling an antique toy, pricing can depend so much on the toy's condition and current market trends, so your research!

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