Updated: May 10, 2024

The Fisher-Price Collectors Club has a social media presence. We have an official Facebook page, plus there are many Fisher-Price related groups where collectors can chat. All of these groups are open to anyone (not just club members). If you are looking to chat about your toy collection, check out the links below! Some of these groups could have people buying and selling toys - as with any internet site, you take all risk in buying/selling, so do your research accordingly!

The Fisher-Price Collectors Club official Facebook page:
Click here for the Fisher-Price Collectors Club Official Page. Everyone is welcome to "like" this page! (Not just club members). This page is primarily used to post club information and upcoming events, so if you are interested in seeing when our next sale or events are coming, definitely give it a "like"! We also like to post fun Fisher-Price Little People toy photos as well.

Facebook Groups Where Collectors Chat:
Fisher-Price Toy Collecting - Any Fisher-Price fan is welcomed to join this group! Chat about your recent rummage/flea market finds, your toy displays and collection, what toys you are looking for, ask questions about what piece goes with what - you name it! This group is light-hearted and fun and a great place to chat about anything Fisher-Price!
Tammy's Fisher-Price Collectors Club - Top-notch collector and club board member Tammy moderates this group (open to all Fisher-Price fans). She has a huge toy collection and tons of knowledge, and is always on the prowl for more classic Fisher-Price toys! This group follows her hunt for toys, plus share your own flea market/yard sale finds, and ask any toy-related questions you may have! A fun group for sure! Tammy posts convention photos from the club in this group.
Fisher-Price Toys 4 Sale Only - This Facebook group is for buying and selling Fisher-Price Toys. The Fisher-Price Collectors Club does not run this group, it is moderated by others though we do have members who are very active in this group. As with everything online, everyone is on their own when making deals and buying and selling! As always, use common sense when buying and selling on the Internet.

Vintage Fisher Price Little People buy/ sell/ trade - This Facebook group is another for buying and selling Fisher-Price Toys. Once again, the Fisher-Price Collectors Club does NOT run this group but has many club members very active in it. Everyone is on their own for making deals so follow the rules closely!

Adventure People Facebook Groups:

Fisher-Price Adventure People - Adventure People were a line of toys made by Fisher-Price from around 1975 to 1984, and they have some very enthusiastic fans! With 3-inch-tall action figures and sets including race cars and spaceships, yeah these are super cool! This group chats all about Adventure People, sharing memories and doing fun photo shoots.

FP ADVENTURE PEOPLE - This is another Facebook group dedicated to the Adventure People. This site often features custom Adventure People figures and vehicles (sets and people we wish Fisher-Price made but never did) made very creatively by Adventure People fans! Some of the customs are really amazing! Pretty cool!

Adventure People Customs - This is a newer group, coming online in 2019. This group is a MUST for anyone who loves Adventure People and wish there were more figures and toys in this line! Here collectors share their custom figures, custom vehicles, custom everything! Some figures are made from swapping heads and bodies of exisitng figures, some are hand-painted, and some are even made from other materials! Some examples are X-Ray Man in other colors; Highway Patrol's motorcycle (we see it on the illustrated card but it never existed), or what Hawk's dog would look like (His name is Timber). Some truly amazing artists with great talent are in this group; check it out!

Adventure People Instagram Accounts:

Supersonicpilot - This Instagram site is run by an amazing artist who loves all things Adventure People! Follow his photos! You will see photos of his jaw-dropping collection, his rare variants, his custom designs which includes custom boxes, plus so much more! The name supersonic pilot comes from the Super Sonic Pilot Adventure Person figure, one of the more unusual figures who was only sold on an individial illustrated card. If you use Instagram, definitely follow the supersonicpilot!

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