Last Updated: January 1, 2023

Welcome! The Fisher-Price Collectors Club is of a group of people who share a love for Fisher-Price Toys. Name any line of toy, and we probably have some member who has every one (and in every color scheme, plus every rare variation, and of course mint in the unopened box!). We have members who run the spectrum - some collect everything Fisher-Price; some collect only very specific lines of toys like the Little People sets or wind-up toys; and some only own a few items that catch their eye. We span the ages and generations, and have members from all over the USA and Canada, and even international members, too. Some members have only a couple of favorite toys on display, while others have their entire houses (and storage units as well!) filled and decorated with Fisher-Price toys!

If you have an interest in Fisher-Price toys, we would love for you to join the club! Your membership alone will help us meet our goals of promoting and preserving Fisher-Price toys, and bringing everyone together!
Joining the club is easy! There are 2 ways to join. The dues are $25 a year.

1. Fill out the online application below, and use Paypal to pay the $25 membership fee.
2. Or scroll down and print out the mail-in application below, and mail to the address listed on the application along with a check for $25.

Step 1:
(Updated in 2022). It's easy to join! Click this link to go to our Membership Application. You can actually type in your information and then print it out, it has fields you can write in! Or you can just print it out and hand-write your information, either works! If you don't have a printer, you can always just hand-print the application the best you can!
Step 2: Include a check or cash for membership dues. Dues for the year are $25. Checks can be made payable to "Fisher-Price Collectors Club".
Step 3:
Mail the application to the following address:

Jeanne Kennedy
c/o Fisher-Price Collectors Club
1840 N. Signal Butte Road
Mesa, AZ 85207
Step 4: When the club processes your application, you will be sent a welcome packet. Since we are run by dedicated volunteers (who often have little free time!), sometimes applications can take a few weeks to process. Your Membership is for one year, and runs from mid-summer to mid-summer. Membership renewal letters are sent in June/early July. If you are joining during other times of the year, dues are not pro-rated, but you will be sent the prior newsletters from earlier in that membership calendar year. And that's it! You are in! Scroll on down below to read about how a club membership works!

Membership Overview: The Fisher-Price Collectors Club first formed in 1993 by our founder Jeanne, and we been together for almost 30 years! (As of this writing in 2022). The club is run by a dedicated volunteer Board (usually about 10 people), and a very dedicated volunteer group of officers (president, vice president(s), treasurer, secretary). As a member in the club, people receive our newsletter The Gabby Goose, usually sent 3 times a year (typically in July, November and the Spring). The newsletter contains a variety of topics: historical articles about Fisher-Price toys; sometimes a fun and games page; updates about club members (births, new grandkids, graduations, etc); rummage finds and flea market treasures; "Getting to know you" page; articles about rare toys or variations; Convention news and photos, and the like. The articles in the newsletter are submitted by club members themselves, so we always encourage people to write and share with others! We often also have other mailings throughout the year to share news and updates.

As a member of the club, you will be invited to attend our annual convention, held during the last full weekend of July in East Aurora NY. East Aurora NY is the home of Fisher-Price toys; it is where the first factory was built, and where corporate headquarters is today. The convention usually consists of a social hour, a sit-down dinner, and a Toy Show and sale. The Toy Sale is a one-of-a-kind event, there is nothing like it! You can buy or sell your classic toys there - with Little People, wooden pull toys, and other classic Fisher-Price toys being the primary toys for sale. The club is unique that we always get together in "real life" once a year, so people can meet and chat, buy and sell toys, and share their experiences!

Also, the club has Facebook groups for daily chatting about toys! Two of them, "Fisher-Price Toy Collecting" and "Tammy's Fisher-Price Collecting Club" are moderated by club members (and open to everyone). See the Facebook Groups Page for the links. Share your photos, your rummage finds, and just chat away!

Membership in the club also helps us with our charitable efforts. The Fisher-Price Collectors Club has been involved in supporting many children's charities which include "Hunter's Hope", Make-a-Wish, Buffalo Area flood relief, and helping feed local children in need. Supporting charities and helping the community have always been very important to the club, and membership dues help us greatly in that aspect!

Even if you live far from East Aurora and may not be able to attend conventions, your membership alone will help the club with our goals - to preserve and protect Fisher-Price toys; help our charitable activities, and continue to provide a venue to bring together people who enjoy Fisher-Price toys!

Thank you for visiting our site!

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