Last Updated: January 23, 2021

UPDATE FOR THE SUMMER OF 2021: (As of January 2021):

Hello Fisher-Price fans! As of this writing (January 2021), no decisions on a sale or convention have been made for the summer of 2021. Covid restrictions are in full force and it appears nothing will improve for a long time. No one knows if the summer of 2021 will allow gatherings. The club will not make decisions until closer to the time.


The Summer of 2020 convention and sale was cancelled due to covid, which was expected. The East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Sale (which the club's sale is a part of) was cancelled as well. The club plans to try to have a sale in 2021, on hopes that the Covid situation has improved by then, but no one knows when anything will actually improve. We will post updates in 2021 on whether we do a sale next July.

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