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Hello Fisher-Price Fans! Over the decades, there have been so many lines of Fisher-Price toys to enjoy. All Fisher-Price toys are equally delightful, however the various categories of FP toys are as diverse and individual as the collectors themselves. Below you'll see several types of Fisher Price categories that are treasures to numerous toy lovers in many different ways. There are many more production lines of toys not listed, but here we show some of the biggies!
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The Play Family/Little People 1965-1989 Wooden Pull Toys 1940's - 1970's
Wind-up Music Boxes and Clocks Whoopses and Unusual Variations
Chunky & Newer-Style Little People 1990-current Trains
The Adventure People The Huskys
Peek-A-Blocks Everything Else Fisher-Price!
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The Play Family/Little People 1964-1989

By far, the most collected line of toys are the Fisher-Price Little People made from about 1964 until 1989. Easily the most recognizable, too! There are so many different sets to collect - if you include every single set produced, there are about 100 of them! Many collectors also enjoy collecting every individual Little Person, plus all the different parts in every different color. And of course, many collectors got to have the original box! The Little People (also called the Play Family) toys are miniature representations of society that have encouraged uninhibited play, imagination, and creativity in children for generations.

Wooden Pull Toys 1930's - 1970's

Fisher-Price's original line of toys were the wooden pull toys, made from the 1930's until around the 1970's, when plastic took over. Created in various forms and styles, the Pull Toys have been integral parts of numerous childhoods. It may be difficult to put into words what kind of pleasure a child feels as he or she takes one of their favorite toys for a "walk", but to those who have experienced it, it's a memory that lasts forever! Hence, the Fisher Price Pull Toy remains one of the most sought after items in the world of Fisher Price Toy collectors. The many styles include animals (bears, dogs, cows, mice, etc), plus objects (trains, firetrucks) and many older ones were Disney characters.

Wind-Up Music Boxes and Tick-Tock Clocks

Another line of toys that were played with by so many children were the wind-up music boxes, televisions, radios, and teaching clocks. The most collectable ones were made from around the 1950's until the 1980's. They came in many designs and styles over the years, playing different childhood songs we grew up with (including Farmer in the Dell, Grandfather's Clock, Raindrops keep Fallin' on my head, plus so many more!). The tunes and pictures are simple, yet it's amazing how much meaning you can find in these toys when you look and listen.

Whoopses and Unusual Variations

Whoopses are a very popular subgroup of Fisher-Price toys that are highly desired by many collectors. Whoopses are Little People figures (usually the classic 1960-1989 ones) that contain something different about them - whether an unusual color combination, a different face, or something odd like a double collar - that makes them rare and very unique. Collectors also enjoy Little People figures that were not produced in mass amounts, and ones that came in limited production sets. Many collectors also enjoy Little People parts and pieces that were unusual colors, too!

Chunky Little People and Newer-Style Little People

The newer-style Fisher-Price Little People debuted in 1990, replacing the classic famous Little People/Play Family style line of toys. The older style was discontinued partly because the figures were deemed a choking hazard. The Chunky Little People were produced from around 1990-1996. The Chunkys (on the left above) were much rounder and thicker, with molded hair. There were many playsets, including a house, farm, airport and amusement park (plus many others!). Around 1996, The newest and current Little People came into production. These Little People have far more detail and shape to them. Most have arms, even! These newest Little People also come with many playsets, which will continue to give today's children many hours of fun and enjoyment with the Little People line of toys.

Fisher-Price Pull Trains 1940's to 1970's

A popular collectable group of pull toys are the Fisher-Price trains. These trains were made from the 40's until the 70's, with the earlier trains made of wood and the later ones made from plastic. These trains usually had fun names, which included: Looky Chug-Chug; Choo-Choo; Golden Gulch; Whistling Engine; Huffy Puffy; Smokie; Dinkey; Playland Express; and Toot-Toot! Toyfest (a now-defunct yearly toy festival in East Aurora, NY) also produced two trains based on Fisher-Price models from the 60's.

Click here to see 18 different Fisher-Price pull trains shown in detail!

The Adventure People 1974-1985

The Fisher-Price Adventure People were produced from around 1974 until 1985, and are a favorite among collectors who remember owning them as kids! The Adventure People featured many action figures, along with their equipment and vehicles. The Adventure People had over 70 different figures, and more than 30 sets. The sets were usually geared towards action, and included things like: a TV reporter van; rugged outdoors trucks and jeeps; planes and helicopters; motorcyclers; emergency trucks; various boaters; quite a few space ship sets; plus many others. The Adventure People were designed to make kids use their imaginations and decide what stories their figures will have, since "with the Adventure People, you make up the stories!".

Click here to see a listing of all Adventure people sets, plus photos of 79 different figures!

The Huskys 1975-1986

Fisher Price toys can be cute, but they can also be TOUGH! And what better example of toy toughness than the Fisher Price Husky Helpers! This line of toys featured numerous muscular men in various occupations, along with their vehicles (such as firetrucks, police cars, bulldozers) plus many accessories that make for sturdy and strong play value! The Huskys were never as popular as the Little People or Adventure People, but they certainly have many loyal fans.


Toys from the past are not the only Fisher Price items to collect. The Peek-A-Blocks are a more recent addition to the Fisher-Price line of toys that have caught the attention of some collectors. They are a favorite with many children and adults, with a wide assortment of characters and designs to look at and play with. Modern toys like the Peek-A-Blocks can be seen as a sign that Fisher Price has another 75 years of pleasure to bring us all!

And Everything Else Fisher-Price!

There are so many other lines of toys that us collectors enjoy. Just throwing some out there, these toy include: the Tumble Tower; the classic zylophone; chime toys; the many different Dollhouses and accesories; the Fisher-Price Record Players; the Rescue Heroes; Woodsy the Squirrel; the many plastic pull toys; the wooden puzzles; the ever-recognizable Chatty Phone; the recent modern-day replicas of the classic toys; gosh and so many more! The list can go on and on. If you name it, someone out there probably collects it (owning every set mint-in-the-box, in every color combination, and every rare piece as well). Yep, that's what us collectors do!

Hasbro Weebles!

The Weebles wobble but they don't fall down - how many of us who grew up in the 70's remember that phrase! Even though made by another company (Hasbro), many members of the Fisher-Price Collectors Club love those classic Weebles too! Weebles were originally produced by Hasbro starting around 1973. The very first weebles came with the sticker on the outside of the shell, which could be peeled away, therefore making them known as the "peelable" Weebles. Later, after Hasbro realized this design flaw, they produced ones with the classic plastic egg-shaped shell. There were around 30-40 Weeble sets made, with (I think) over 70 different Weebles produced, probably more. After the early 80's, Weebles changed companies and changed appearances. But like with most toys, the most collectible and desired ones are the earliest ones from the early 70's to early 80's.

Kenner Tree Tots

The Tree Tots are another very collectible line of toys from the 1970's, made by Kenner. The most famous and recognized is the Family Tree House set, which has a large green tree that pops up and down, along with a family and their furniture. Other Kenner Tree Tot sets include: the Fire Station Tree (looks like the Tree House, but with firemen and a fire station theme); a Light House; A whole Amusement Park set; a Mountain Hideaway; The Sky Coaster; even an Star Wars Ewok Family set. And some other pieces like a policeman and robber. There probably were other sets not mentioned here, too! But by far and away, the most collectible is the Tree House, which came in 2 different boxes, and included a cat Tree Tot later in production. If you had the Tree House as a kid (like I did) and your parents threw yours away (like mine did), it will make you cry to see what prices these fetch nowadays on Ebay!

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