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Sadly, the Fisher-Price Collectors Club is at a point in time where many of our beloved original and longtime members have passed away. This page is dedicated to some of these wonderful people who will always be with us in our memories and hearts. Here on this page, we will keep their memory alive.

On this page, we will always remember Deanna Korth, Richard Baughman, Sandy Rose, Diane Minton, Stirling Muck, Donna Devaney, Delilah Chesterman, Ted Furcht, Jacquie Hamblin, and Bruce Ingliss. Below are some kind words written about two of these wonderful people.

Deanna Korth Richard Baughman

Deanna Korth

I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one
I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when day is gone
I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways
Of happy times, and laughing times, and bright sunny days
I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun
Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

Friends of Deanna share the following memories .....

"I first met Deanna in 1991, on the phone, then in person in 1992. A warm , friendly smile always present, her sense of humor, willingness to help and ability to see the good in all. Two words come to mind when thinking of her...CLASS & INTEGRITY. Deanna was ToyFest for many of us! We are all better people for having been privileged to have crossed her path."

"I wasn't as fortunate as those who were able to get to know Deanna personally, however, I was very fortunate to at least have had the opportunity to meet her on my first visit to ToyFest and the museum a few years ago. It was such a busy time for all those involved, yet she took the time to show me the Little People Display boards that Brad Cassity had been helping with and she told me where to find other things in the museum that I asked about. I know she was a very special part of Brad's life as he's mentioned her often and I felt privileged to get to know her a little through him. I know she took tremendous pride in her work at the museum and she was very much involved in making ToyFest what it was then."

"I can't really remember the first time I met Deanna. it just seems she has been there as long as I have had the FP bug. Always smiling, ready to laugh, willing to pitch in, willing to go the extra mile. Deanna was the epitome of Fisher-Price and its creed in my opinion. The FP world is an emptier place with her loss."

"I don't have a favorite story about Deanna, just the memory of an outgoing, friendly, and always smiling lady, who would always take a few minutes of her busy time and just sit and chat in her office at the Museum. I do remember the Fisher-Price dinner when she and husband Walter recounted stories of the early years of the Museum and the ToyFest Festival."

"My first encounter with Deanna was in 1992. I found her to be a kind, caring, and loving person who saw a purpose and reason in life. She showed me that even when things were going badly, there was still enough of a reason in one's life to be happy and thankful. She showed this to others by smiling and caring about what was important to them. She would ALWAYS have time for one who was in need no matter how great or small it was and do her best to help them out. Without her I would not have the things in my life that I have or my book. Thank you Dee! I will ALWAYS have a piece of you with me to give to others as you so graciously taught me."

Richard Baughman

"...And we can remember him, and remember him - as much as we want to. But, I don't like it. It makes me sad." ~ Sesame Street

Club Member & Past President Gasper B. shares his memories of Richard:

"My very first trip to Toyfest was in 2002. It was a brand new adventure and although I hoped it would be fun, I really didn't know what to expect, where to go, or what to do. One of the first people there to welcome me was Richard Baughman. He was a very warm and friendly person who made you feel as if you'd known him all your life. He showed me the ropes about Toyfest, everything from the schedule of events to making delicious waffles in the hotel lobby. He also took me with him to his early morning toy-hunts at garage sales, which were always great fun. I quickly saw that Richard was an easy person to talk to, laugh with, and share interests about Fisher Price toys and life in general. Of course, there was another person who was just as warm, friendly and also made me feel that I belonged, Richard's wife, Arlene Baughman. Richard and Arlene gave me rides to the exciting Toyfest events and both made me feel comfortable in this brand new out of town adventure. Thanks to Richard and Arlene's kindness, I quickly had a home away from home at East Aurora, New York and met all of the other caring and welcoming individuals at Toyfest.

Every year, we all looked forward to seeing one another at Toyfest. Richard seemed like an anchor at the annual event due to his sincere love and enthusiasm for Fisher Price toy collecting and genuiness towards others. I met up with Richard and Arlene again at Toyfest 2003 and 2004; we caught up on our year events, went out to eat together, and always had a wonderful time. I had no reason to think that Toyfest 2005 would be any different. When we heard that Richard was ill, we all hoped and prayed that he would make a quick and complete recovery. Even when Richard and Arlene did not attend Toyfest 2005 due to Richard's health taking a turn for the worst, I still could not accept never seeing Richard again at any future Toyfests, never sitting down to dinner with him once more, and never again having the pleasure of his company. No, that just didn't make sense to me, so I continued to hold out hope for a miracle; unfortunately, it was not to be. On September 28, 2005 Richard Baughman passed away, leaving the world an emptier place. Yet, the world was surely a better place for having him in it and everyone's life was enriched who knew him. One can only imagine how difficult this loss has been for his family because it was difficult enough for other Fisher Price Collectors Club members who knew and loved him.

Although Toyfest will certainly never be the same without Richard, let's hope that the memories of him and the way he lived his life and treated others will be an inspiration to keep the spirit of Toyfest and The Fisher Price Collectors Club alive. Richard loved children, the elderly, and making people laugh. We should all consider ourselves lucky for having known him, even if it was for too brief a time."

- G.B.

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