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The Fisher-Price Collectors Club holds an annual toy show and sale each year in the East Aurora NY area. Club members along with other toy vendors sell classic Fisher-Price and other related toys from their collections. The sale is OPEN TO EVERYONE, club members and general public alike, so come on by and shop!! Our sale is a proud part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Sale, which is held every year during the last full weekend in July. Read below for details of the 2017 sale!

WHEN: Saturday, July 29th, 2017

HOURS: 9:00 until around 3:00

WHERE: This is the same location used for the 2016 sale - The Blazing Star Masonic Lodge on Main Street in East Aurora NY. The sale will be inside the building in a multi-purpose room. To get an idea of where it is, see their website here.

WHAT'S FOR SALE: The club usually has around 8 to 10 club members selling toys. In a typical sale, vendors may be selling: classic Little People toys, figures, and parts; boxed sets of classic Fisher-Price toys; Fisher-Price wooden pull toys; wind-up toys; Adventure People and Huskys parts and sets; puzzles and dolls; Toyfest replicas; and often other collectible and antique toys. One club member is selling BINS and BINS of Little People figures and pieces! Inventory will vary from year to year, so you never know what may pop up!

PAYMENT: The sellers take good old cash! There are ATMs at banks in easy walking distance. No sellers take credit cards (as far as we know).

PARKING: Parking can be tricky, since the club's sale is part of a larger event, the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Sale. Main Street is closed from Pine Street to Riley Street, but there are side streets right behind the Lodge where people can park on the road, or in business or municipal lots in that area.

MAP: Click here to see a printable flyer for the 2017 Toy Sale, including a map to the sale.

Below are photos taken at the Fisher-Price Collectors Club's 2016 annual sale at the Blazing Star Masonic Lodge, plus a couple from the 2015 sale. Our apologies for the quality of the photos - the room does not have a lot of natural light and it was the best we could do with an I-Phone camera! This is just a sampling of what was for sale, there were plenty more toys than what is shown in these few photos! But hopefully it gives a representative idea of what kind of toys could be for sale in 2017! (Inventory changes year to year, so what is seen here is not exactly what will be at the 2017 sale.)

General Toy Sale Info & History

Most years, the Fisher-Price Collectors Club holds an Antique and Collectible Toy Show and Sale. In recent years, the sale has taken place in the town of East Aurora NY, the home of the Fisher-Price factory! The sale has been part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Festival, a yearly event held during the last weekend of July. The sale typically has about 8-12 vendors.

At the sale, you can find vendors selling all types of Fisher-Price toys: classic Little People sets and parts; wooden pull toys; miscellaneous Fisher-Price toys like dolls and Toyfest Replicas; some newer Little People sets; other older toys by various toy makers; plus many more. You just never know what you may find!

Up until 2015, the sale was held at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Aurora, NY on Pine Street (right off of Main Street, behind Vidlers Store). As of 2016, The club no longer has any affiliation with the Immanuel Church, and a new location is now being used: The Blazing Star Masonic Lodge in East Aurora NY, located right on Main Street. The 2016 Toy Sale went very well using this new location, and if all goes well, the club hopes to continue using the Masonic Lodge in the future. To get a general idea of the size and scope of the sale, see the photos at the Convention 2012 page!

Sale History:

For many years, the members of the Fisher-Price Collectors Club have held sales to sell their antique and collectible toys. Most years (up to 2008), the members sold their toys at a sale during East Aurora's annual event Toyfest. Toyfest was held during the last weekend in August, where East Aurora celebrated their toy heritage. Members of our club, plus many other vendors, would set up at the Middle School and sell collectible toys. It really was quite a sight - tables and tables of people selling classic Fisher-Price toys! Need a certain piece or Little Person? Want a set in the original box? Need a toy you had from childhood and want for your kids? Chances are you would find it at the Toyfest sale!

Sadly, primarily due to financial reasons, Toyfest was discontinued in 2008. Losing Toyfest meant the club members now had nowhere to sell their toys. We had no sale in 2009. But for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 2014 2015 and 2016, we found a new venue for our Toy Show and Sale - we are now part of the East Aurora's Chamber of Commerce Street and Sidewalk Sale, held each year during the last weekend in July. This sale coincides with Reunion Weekend, an event that brings many people to East Aurora. The Fisher-Price Collectors Club is hoping this weekend will be our new "home" for years to come.

Information on Past Sales

2016 Sale

The Fisher-Price Collectors Club held our 2016 sale on Saturday July 30, 2016 at the Blazing Star Masonic Lodge, located on Main Street in East Aurora NY. This is a brand new location for the sale, and the club was extremely pleased with how well everything went! Like in prior years, the sale is part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Festival. By having the sale at the Masonic Lodge, it put us right in the heart of the action on Main Street! Due to some rain, the festival was a tad slow for an hour or two, but overall the toy sale did well in the new location. There were 8 vendors this year, selling everything Fisher-Price: Classic Little People sets, figures and pieces; newer (1990 and later) Little People sets; Fisher-Price employee and factory memorabilia and exclusives; wooden pull toys galore; lots of boxed and never-opened sets, and more! The new location worked wonderfully for the club, and we thank the Blazing Star Masonic Lodge for being so welcoming and wonderful to work with!

2015 Sale

The Fisher-Price Collectors Club held our 2015 sale on Saturday July 25, 2015 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Aurora NY. Overall the sale went well though slower than last year, with plenty of foot traffic at the beginning. The sale had 9 vendors this year. Our most interesting shoppers were 3 people from South Africa! Yes, they were touring the area, and have no Fisher-Price where they live, and wanted to bring some toys back with them! So they came to our sale to get their fill, and we were happy to oblige! There were plenty of pull toys, Little People figures and pieces, puzzles, wind-ups, boxed toys - all sorts of Fisher-Price toys available for sale! For a variety of reasons, this is the last year at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. The 2016 sale will have a new location - the Blazing Stars Masonic Lodge on Main Street in East Aurora NY.

2014 Sale

The Fisher-Price Collectors Club held our 2014 sale on Saturday July 26, 2014 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in East Aurora NY. The sale is part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Festival, which was taking place all day on Main Street. As with all of the club's sales, The sale was very much open to the public. Everyone was welcomed to stop by and purchase classic toys, or just take a trip down memory lane! The sale had a nice rush of people at opening, and a steady flow of people for the rest of the day. Overall the club was very pleased with the turnout. It was also the most beautiful day - low humidity and just perfect temperatures for late July! Everyone appreciated that Mother Nature was so kind this year!

2013 Sale

The 2013 sale was a blast! Once again, the sale was held at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, as part of the East Aurora Street and Sidewalk Festival. 9 vendors selling their wares, and plenty of foot traffic coming through! With the club more active now due to social media, we got to meet many new members and their families who came to buy toys at the sale! It seems everyone spent too much and there were lots of people carrying heavy bags (yes how terrible!). As always, the club members chatted and gabbed away the afternoon, which we are really good at! Overall everyone was pleased with the turnout and we hope to have a sale again next year.

2012 Sale

The club held their 2012 Toy Show and Sale on July 28, 2012 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street in East Aurora NY. We had more vendors than the prior years, which was great! It was a fun day - lots of toys being sold, plus some new vendors to check out. Many club members were selling or buying that day, and of course everyone was socializing left and right! The sale was from 9:00 am until 2:30, and was once again held as part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Sale, which was held right outside on Main Street.

To see photos of the sale, go to the Convention 2012 Page and scroll on down!

2011 Sale

The 2011 Toy Show and Sale was held on July 30, 2011 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street, in East Aurora NY. We had a great time! The sale was from 9:00 am until around 2:30ish pm. The sale was held as part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Sale, which was held right outside on Main Street. The sale went very well - lots of foot traffic, with many classic toys being bought! Our vendors were pleased with the turnout.

2010 Sale

The 2010 Toy Show and Sale was a lot of fun and we were very pleased with how it went! Click here to see photos from the club's 2010 convention, which include many from the sale.

No 2009 Sale

Due to a variety of factors, the Fisher-Price Collectors Club had no Toy Show and Sale this year. The reasons were many - bad economy, construction in East Aurora, Donna's old aching bones, no Toyfest, Toytown Museum closing, some regulars being unavailable this year, etc. Like the Fisher-Price Little People bullies shown here, we were not happy about this, but the decision was made after a lot of careful thought and discussion.

General Sale Info & Our 2008 Sale

In 2007 and the years prior to that, The Annual Toy Show and Sale has taken place as part of the Toyfest Festival that was held every August in East Aurora, NY. The sale usually was at the Middle School on Main Street, in a large all-purpose room. Just tables and tables of vendors selling their old toys! Boxes and bins of Little People parts and pieces! Sets with original boxes and ones mint-in-the-box too! Wooden pull toys, music boxes! Even other lines of vintage car and truck toys. It was the best place for club members and the public to buy the toys they always dreamed about.

But sadly, in 2008 East Aurora's Toyfest festival was cancelled, and it isn't coming back. With Toyfest cancelled, it left our annual sale with no venue and stuck in limbo! But fortunately, everything pulled together and the sale moved temporarily to a new and very fitting location - the Toy Town Museum! (Sadly the museum closed in May 2009). What a unique opportunity for the public who visit the museum, as they could actually buy toys that they usually only see behind the glass displays! So thanks to the museum, the sale was a success. The club also held auctions of toy donations, which raised money for local charities. The sale was held over the last weekend in August.

Below are some photos from the August 2008 sale:

The 2008 sale was here at the
Toy Town Museum in East Aurora
  Classic toys for sale everywhere you look!

Bins and baskets of parts and pieces!   Wish you could wind one up and hear it play?

How many wooden pull toys do you see?   Lots of classic tin trucks and cars, too!

Photos from Pre-2008 Swaps and Sales

Some years during the convention, the Fisher-Price Collectors Club would hold swap meets as well as the Toyfest sale. Here are some photos, showing what toys just might be found! The scale of the sale is smaller nowadays (after 2009).

Got to look through all the toys .....   Oh! I spy a castle with an original box! A McDonalds Set! And an Amusement Park!

Setting up for the sale - don't you wish you could reach out and grab something!   Would love to search every bin in there ....

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