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Updated: September 16, 2018


Hello Club members! The Fisher-Price Collectors Club is happy to announce that club members can now use Paypal! We now can accept Paypal for 2018-2019 membership renewals. This Paypal service is for current members only, as we need to know who you already are and have you in our records! If anyone is wanting to join the club for the first time, visit our "Join the Club" page here!

How to Use:

It is quite easy to use Paypal. To renew your membership for 2018-2019, scroll down the "Membership Renewal" box and click the "Buy Now" button. Upon clicking "Buy Now", it will take you to, where you can login with your Paypal username and password. If you do not already have a Paypal account, it is not too hard to set one up there. Once logged in, the Paypal page will say "Fisher Price Club" and have your total listed. Then you will have a chance to review your information before clicking "Pay Now" to complete the transaction.

NOTE: On your Paypal account, make sure your name matches our records, so we know which membership account to update! If you are using someone else's account to pay, just shoot us an email at so we know who you are!

Click the "Buy Now" button below to renew your membership with Paypal! Membership is $25 a year. Clicking it will take you to the Paypal website to complete the transaction.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2018

The Fisher-Price Collectors Club