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Updated: February 2, 2015


The Fisher-Price Little People Toys (also called the Play Family) were produced from around the late 1950's until current times. The toys made from the beginning up until 1990 are known as the classic Little People toys, and they are the ones most valued by collectors. These toys consisted of many round figures made of wood or plastic, along with many different sets and pieces. There were over 120 different classic Little People sets made. Most were made in America, with "East Aurora NY" stamped on them. These were some of the best toys ever made throughout the history of mankind (yes, really!).

Sadly everything changed around 1990. The Little People toys made after 1990 had a whole different look and feel. The figures were made bigger and rounder (nicknamed the "Chunkies") and there were far less pieces, and the sets were made out of cheaper light-weight plastic. After 1996, the Little People toys evolved into ones made of some rubbery-plastic material with an entirely different shape and faces, with sets made out of cheaper thinner plastic. The sets are made overseas now, not made-in-America like the original ones. The Little People made after 1990 are not generally considered a vintage collectible - yet! The club does know some people who collect the "Chunky" Little People (1990-1996), plus the newer ones (1996 - on), so who knows if they will become a major collectible like the beloved Little People - Stay tuned ..... !!

Little People Toy Guides:

The sources below are by people well-known in the collector community. These were written by people who either worked at Fisher-Price, and/or are well-respected published authors. Both authors listed, plus some of the original owners/writers of the website listed below, were involved with the Fisher-Price Collectors Club. Check them out!

This Old Toy is the original site of Fisher-Price toys, absolutely filled with all sorts of information. This site is HUGE! It doesn't have just Little People toys, it has almost ALL older Fisher-Price toys. The site has an older-style navigation, so it can take some time hunting through to find information, but definitely worth the effort.

Click here to go to the list of classic Little People sets.

Click here for their Little People and parts identification guide - it covers just about everything! is a newer Little People site, coming online around 2009. This site has amazing detail - it shows every classic Little People set with all the proper pieces and figures, plus mentions many known variations. There is also a Little People figure guide (so you will finally know what set went with your figures), plus scans of many older Fisher-Price catalogs, which are so much fun to see! This site is well-written, very easy to navigate, very clear and concise, and tells you what you need to know! Check it out!

Brad Cassity's Fisher-Price Toys was published in the year 2000 and covers many Fisher-Price toys made from 1964 to 1990. It shows all the Little People sets and their pieces, plus some variations through the production run. Many of the toys shown in the book were owned by members of the Fisher-Price Collectors Club. There are some errors in this book (hey we are all human and stuff like that happens!) but the book is terrific as an overall guide. Also in a nice paperback which makes it handy to carry when out at flea markets or yard sales!

Fox and Murray's Fisher-Price: Historical, Rarity and Value Guide 1931-Present (also known as the "purple book") was produced in 2002. It covers Fisher-Price toys by year, in group photos. Little People sets, plus other Fisher-Price toys are covered - click on the link above for more detail about this book! The author Bruce Fox's personal website is here at:

Fox and Murray also have a first and second editon of this book, which get into more detail about the older toys. To read about the first-edition released in 1987 (aka the "tan book") click here!.

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Last Updated: February 2, 2015

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