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Updated: June 14, 2012


    NOTE: This page is not finished yet - under major construction! I want to get more photos and history on this, whenever I find the time!

The Fisher-Price Little People Toys (also called the Play Family) were produced from around the late 1950's until current times. The toys made from the beginning up until 1990 are known as the classic Little People toys, and they are the ones most valued by collectors. These toys consisted of many round figures made of wood or plastic, along with many different sets and pieces. There were over 120 different classic Little People sets made. Most were made in America, with "East Aurora NY" stamped on them. These were some of the best toys ever made throughout the history of mankind (yes, really!).

Sadly everything changed around 1990. The Little People toys made after 1990 had a whole different look and feel. The figures were made bigger and rounder (nicknamed the "Chunkies") and there were far less pieces, and the sets were made out of cheaper light-weight plastic. After 1996, the Little People toys evolved into ones made of some rubbery-plastic material with an entirely different shape and faces, with sets made out of cheaper thinner plastic. The sets are made overseas now, not made-in-America like the original ones. The Little People made after 1990 generally are not considered collectible (at least not as of this writing in 2012!).

Little People Toy Guides:

There is no need to reinvent the wheel and write our own guide, as these 2 sites listed below are terrific. Both have wonderful website guides to the Fisher-Price Little People sets. The best book for classic Little People sets is Brad Cassity's Fisher-Price Toys. Check them out!

This Old Toy is the original site of Fisher-Price toys, absolutely filled with all sorts of information. This site is HUGE! It doesn't have just Little People toys, it has almost ALL older Fisher-Price toys. The site has an older-style navigation, so it can take some time hunting through to find information, but definitely worth the effort.

Click here to go to the list of classic Little People sets.

Click here for their Little People and parts identification guide - it covers just about everything!

FPLPworld is a newer site than ThisOldToy, coming online around 2008-2009. It only came to my attention in 2011, not sure how it escaped detection before that! FPLP is the common abbreviation for "Fisher-Price Little People". This site is super cool, and a lot of effort went into it! It shows the many classic Little People sets with photos, including the many rarer variations which collectors love. It also has a figures guide, which shows many whoopses and rarer variations, too. Also has scans of Fisher-Price ads and catatlogs. Lots to explore here!

This page is still under construction - hope to get some more content and photos on this page .... !

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Last Updated: June 14, 2012

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