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Updated: July 21, 2017


The Fisher-Price Collectors Club publishes a newsletter three times a year for our club members. The newsletter is called The Gabby Goose, which is named after one of the very first wooden toys ever made by Fisher-Price. The newsletter has a winter/early spring issue; an early July issue; and a Fall issue. The newsletter is mailed to club members; there is no public-viewable online version. The Gabby Goose is usually mailed out in a 6x9 yellow envelope, and often has a label decorated with a toy on it (yeah we like to do that!). The Gabby Goose was first published in 1993, and as of July 2017, there were 79 issues published.

Most Recent Newsletter - July 2017

The July 2017 newsletter was mailed out around July 21st. Apologies for mailing the newsletter so close the convention; the editor simply had no free time to work on it, and the print shop had equipment breaking down which delayed the job for 4 days. For the first time in years, the Gabby Goose is a 12-page newsletter (usually it's 8 pages). This newsletter contains the following articles: the straight-ahead July 2017 Convention with info on events (the Convention 2017 webpage also has details); Online Facebook pages and groups; Well wishes for 2 former club members; a new vintage playskool Facebook group; Meet the new Soft Li'L Snoopy; Possible changes to future the Convention's Toy Sale; the feature article "Focus on an Obscure Toy" looks at the #72774 Chatter Phone, the only push-button chatter phone made (no rotary dial!); and our very special 4-page article by long-time member Gloria, who writes about her entire life with Fisher-price toys!

Color photos from this newsletter can be found at the Gabby Goose July 2017 Page. Gloria is selling her collection and color photos can be found there. Gloria, as a 20+ year member of the club, has some amazing toys!

Past Newsletter - April 2017

The April 2017 newsletter was mailed out around April 8th. This newsletter featured the following articles: all about the upcoming July 2017 Convention (see Convention 2017 webpage for updates as they come); 3 new miniature Fisher-Price toys made by World's Smallest (school bus, chatterphone and rock-a-stack); an article answering the question "Did Fisher-Price make an alcohol-themed toy called the Happy Hour Playset"? (Well, I will tell you now - NOOOOO THEY DID NOT!!); online Facebook groups and blogs; membership news update; and this issue's "Focus on an Obscure Toy" looks at the very rare 1970's #765 Humpty Dumpty Pocket Radio!

Past Newsletter - December 2016

The December 2016 newsletter is one that is very special, as it is dedicated to long-time club member Sandy Rose, who passed away after complications from surgery in November 2016 at age 71. Sandy and her husband were club members for over 20 years, and the club will always cherish the memories we have with them.

The newsletter articles include: a dedication to Sandy along with photos of her and her family throughout the years with the club; the Little People FINALLY make it into the Toy Hall of Fame; write-up of this past July's convention; new Mickey Hallmark Keepsake ornament that looks very familiar; Dept 56 Fisher-Price ornaments; online blogs and groups; and the Adventure People and their Crossword Puzzle - solve the puzzle by using your knowledge of Adventure People sets and figures (you know who Brainoid is, right???).

For club members who need help with the Adventure People Crossword Puzzle, see the solution click here!

Past Newsletter - July 2016

The July 2016 newsletter featured the following articles: Everything about the upcoming Convention 2016 - the dinner, sale, raffle, social hour, plus maps to the venues; Online FP Facebook groups and blogs; Renewing Membership; "Help the Husky Trucks Find their Garage" Maze; The new Basic Fun Tuggy Tooter reproduction toy; and a new feature article "Focus on an Obscure Toy", which takes an in-depth look at the super duper obscure 1961-1962 Talk-Back Telephone!

Past Newsletter - February 2016

The February 2016 newsletter featured the following articles: Details about the upcoming 2016 Convention (with new venues for the dinner and sale); Round-up and photos from last July's 2015 Convention; Photos from the Fisher-Price Little People display at the Cincinnati Children's Museum; Long-time member Sandy's thank-you letter; The club's youngest member becomes a big brother; Fisher-Price Facebook groups and blogs to visit; and an in-depth look at the new reproduction "Chunky" Ferris Wheel, made by the company Basic Fun!

Past Newsletter - July 2015

The July 2015 newsletter featured the following articles: The club's online sites, blogs, and Facebook groups; Information about the upcoming 2015 Convention; One member's experience with 3-D printing compatible FP parts (and how things did not go exactly as planned); upcoming Little People display at the Cincinnati Museum; new Paypal service for club members; two members show collection photos; and the "Set The Table" quiz, where you name the set that each Little People table came from!

Past Newsletter - April 2015

The April 2015 newsletter featured the following articles: The club's Facebook groups and pages; the passing of author Brad Cassity; Convention 2015 news; Disney/Pixar's use of Fisher-Price toys in one of their Toy Story cartoons; A message from long-time member Jacquie; Basic Fun's new replica of the classic Snoopy pull toy; and a word game called "Name that Lithograph" from classic Little People toys!

What's in the newsletter?

The Gabby Goose newsletter is usually between 8 - 12 pages long filled with articles about the club (upcoming events, toy sales etc), and also about the Fisher-Price toys we love. The articles are written by club members themselves; and we encourage club members to submit articles about their favorite topics - write about your displays; your favorite toys; or what got you started in toy collecting! Most newsletters also have historical articles about the Fisher-Price company or a line of toys. We also share news about members (new grandkids, weddings in the family, sadly the occasional obituary, etc.). The newsletter is usually printed in black and white, but occasionally we do a color publishing. Most recently, the newsletter has also included word games and puzzles like the "Pull-Toy Crossword Puzzle" and a "Classic Little People Word Search"!

Some recent issues of the Gabby Goose newsletter, along with a Little Person editor

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