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Welcome! While a majority of the members of the Fisher-Price Collectors Club collect classic Little People and older wooden pull toys, there are many other lines of toys that collectors drool over. One is the Fisher-Price Adventure People, made from the mid 1970's to the mid 1980's. The Adventure People were sets that consisted of 3 and a half inch high action figures, vehicles, plus many accessories and equipment for the figures. Many of these sets are VERY collectible, especially in the original boxes! If you were a kid during the 70's and 80's, you may remember these! On this page, we share some information about these great toys!

Overview: The Adventure People consisted of 34 sets, plus 17 illustrated carded figures, plus figures sold on plain tan-colored cards. They were in production from about 1975 to 1984. There were more than 75 figures made, plus some variations and prototypes. Some of the earlier boxed sets used the classic Fisher-Price blue box with red scallops design; later ones were in a tan color scheme with red scallops. Many sets also came in illustrated boxes with themed graphics, which can be very collectible.

Click on the links below to read more about the Adventure People:
See all the Individual Figures - Click the link to see all the individual Fisher-Price Adventure People figures, and what sets they came from. Also includes some unusual variations and even a few prototypes as well! Much to the club's surprise, this is the top page on this website that gets the most views!
See the Illustrated Carded Figures in their Original Boxes - Fisher-Price produced Adventure People figures that were sold separately on their own cards (also called blister packs). In the 1980's, these figures were sold on cards with amazing detailed graphics. Click the link to see all 17 of these illustrated cards, plus some information about all the figures that came on the cards!
See an Overview of Each Set - Scroll on down this page to see a list of every set and a description of what parts came with each set. This list was originally made by members of the Fisher-Price Collectors Club well before the Internet came into existence, and was our "bible" on Adventure People for many years! Having this list uploaded on this website is a major touch of nostalgia for the club.

List of all Adventure People Sets
Below is a list of all 34 Adventure People sets, plus all the illustrated carded figures. The set numbers range from #303 to #390. There are variations and part substitutions that we don't mention since it's too time-consuming to get into that level of detail. But it should serve OK as a rough guide!

Set # Name First Year
Description Special Notes
303 Rescue Truck 1975 White truck with red bucket, green stretcher, green air pack, blue man red fire hat and green cross, blue woman with yellow hair This is an older common set. The truck has a red button that suppose to make a whirling noise.
304 Safari 1975 19 pieces: gold jeep, gold trailer, red tent, 2 white cages, brown 4-rung ladder, brown camera, gold mesh net, bamboo look cloth barrier, zebra, lion, giraffe, gorilla, tiger, green girl blonde, yellow woman brown hair, tan man in safari hat, blue boy, brown bench seat that fits in jeep. This is a sought after set, especially the unique pieces. Some parts are very hard to find, like the camera and seat. Some animals had 2 different versions, like the lion and tiger.
305 Rescue Copter 1975 white copter with black blades; yellow raft; 1 black and 1 white copter pilots, both in gold suits with white helmets. Pilots could have long or short sleeves; Very common for one of copter's blades to be broken off
306 Daredevil Sports Plane 1975 White or orange plane with black propellers; Yellow Pilot with blue helmet or hat. Yellow pilot came in two versions - earlier pilot had a full blue helmet, newer version had pilot with blue cap with headphones. Yellow Pilot with blue helmet quite rare
307 Wilderness Patrol 1976 10 pieces: green and white pontoon boat, green all-terrain vehicle, yellow plane, tow rope with grappling hook, 2 sleeping bags, dog (collie). Figures include: Ranger (Scott) - green suit tan hat; Pilot (Greg) - blue pants, brown shirt and helmet; Woodsman (Red) - red shirt black pants yellow socks and a beard. This set seems to sell well on Ebay
308 Super Speed Racer 1976 Red or white race car with #33 on it; Driver in yellow with red stripes and white helmet with green visor. The driver has 2 versions - in the older version, the driver has bell bottom pants with small brown shoes; newer version he has narrow pants with larger brown shoes.
309 T.V. Action Team 1977 Blue van, 3 yellow cords, camera, silver movie camera, black microphone with carry case, 7 piece black and gray tower. Figures include Kirk - white suited man with headphones; Jeff - gray haired man brown pants white shirt; Carol - black woman red skirt. This set sells well, and many parts are very hard to find, especially the microphone and camera.
310 Sea Explorer 1976 Blue and white boat, yellow tow rope with orange handle, 2 orange air tanks, orange skis, yellow sea sled, blue dolphin. Figures include Mary - yellow wetsuit brown hair; Dave - yellow wetsuit brown hair. Blue dolphin can be hard to find, since it could mold if kids actually used him in the bathtub!
312 Northwoods Trailblazer 1977 9 parts total: Orange and yellow jeep, silver canoe, 2 gold paddles, gold outboard motor, blue tent, orange poles for tent. Figures: Hawk - guide with red cap, green pants, white shirt; Brad - tan pants, black boots brown shirt and gray hair. The jeep could have a yellow body and orange undercarriage, or an orange body with yellow undercarriage.
318 Daredevil Sports Van 1978 Green van, motorcycle, parachute and case, blue kayak, blue paddle, black detachable motorcycle holder. Figures: Man with blue pants, yellow shirt and red helmet; Man with tan pants, long sleeves, red shirt blue helmet and black gloves. Early ones had an orange shag carpet Orange shag carpet is very rare; motorcycle carrier part usually missing. Motorcycle usually blue, but sometimes could be green. The figure from #354 Daredevil Skydiver was often substituted for the man in yellow/blue.
322 Dune Buster 1979 Green dune buggy, red flat gas can, orange F.P. flag. Figure: Man - blue pants, tan boots, long sleeved white shirt, brownish cowboy hat with green glasses and beard. Gas can is hard to find
323 Aero-Marine Search Team 1979 9 pieces: orange copter, yellow sub, cradle, orange lifting cage, orange air tanks, brown treasure chest. Figures: Blue suited man with headphones and blond hair; blue man in full wetsuit covering head.  
325 Alpha Probe 1980 Battery operated white spaceship, smaller 2nd ship inside, white plastic life support cable. Figures: man in white spacesuit and helmet (has brown hair); woman in white space suit and helmet (blond or brown hair). Alpha Probe has 3 buttons on it which make sounds
326 Alpha Star 1983 Battery operated white 2 piece moon vehicle, has removable front cab with seats, trailer has silver antenna and grasp arm, removable doors, robot, storage area for robot, orange alien creature Figure: yellow body astronaut with white helmet. The set has orange buttons which can control the direction of the vehicle
333 Wheelie Dragster 1981 2 versions existed. Version #1: White dragster car #33, with man in blue suit with large gray helmet; Version #2: Dark blue dragster car #3, with a man with gray suit with yellow helmet, with lightning emblem. Dragster has a reverse pull motor, which you can wind up by pushing the dragster backwards
334 Sea Shark 1981 Blue and white boat with spotlight and white radar, one mast, 1 orange and 1 yellow air tank, 1 yellow and 1 orange buoy, shark. Figures: Man with yellow full wetsuit man with mustache; Man with red partial wet suit and beard. Boat can be dark blue with white bottom, or white with a dark blue bottom
335 Motocross Team 1983 Orange van, yellow and blue motorcycle, 2 yellow gas cans. Figures: Man with blue pants, black shirt, tan cowboy hat and sunglasses; Motorcycle rider with yellow suit, orange boots and gloves, and large blue helmet. This set is sought-after on Ebay. Motorcycle is unique to this set and quite rare
350 Rescue Team 1976 5 pieces: red stretcher, yellow blanket or white blanket with red cross symbol, red first aid pack, Figures: Susan - white suited woman with blonde hair; Mike - blue suited man, yellow gloves, red helmet, brown hair Woman could have a green or red cross on her shirt. First aid pack could say "First Aid" or have a white circle with a red cross
351 Mountain Climbers 1976 7 pieces: green backpack that holds 2 sleeping bags, green backpack with rope harness, yellow rope with 3-prong grappling hook. Figures: Jan - girl with blue shorts, yellow shirt, black hair, white socks; Dick - black pants, red shirt, reddish hair and beard; brown boots. Some sets may have had blue sleeping bags. Very common today to find the rope with a broken prong or two
352 Construction Workers 1976 3 gold snap-together ladders, yellow and black barricade, red cable with black hooks. Figures: Barney - Man with blue pants, white shirt, yellow hard hat, black hair and tan skin; Frank - Man with tan pants, green shirt, yellow hardhat and brown hair. The barricade in this set was also used in a Little People construction set
353 Scuba Divers 1976 5 pieces: yellow/orange raft; 2 orange air tanks; Man (Matt) with green bathing suit and brown hair; woman (Becky) with green bathing suit and blond hair This set original came on a blister-pack card, but later was sold in a box
354 Daredevil Skydiver 1977 parachute with detachable blue or black harness; white suited man with blue strips with white stars on the sides of his arms and legs, wearing a red helmet. The figure for this set is sometimes mistakenly listed as Evil Kenevil on Ebay
355 White Water Kayak 1977 red kayak, 1 green 1 blue and 1 white buoy, red paddle. Figure: Man (Chet) with white pants, green vest, black hair and light blue helmet. Chet could also have bare legs and bare feet. Chet with bare legs definitely more uncommon to find
356 Cycle Racing Team 1977 4 pieces: green motorcycle with "356" on front; green sidecar. Figures were (Dean) - orange suit with bendable knees, orange shirt with white sleeves and yellow helmet; Vince - black boots, brown pants, orange shirt and yellow helmet with green visor. Green motorcycle could also have a checkerboard pattern on the front with no "356". Dean is designed to ride the motorcycle, and Vince in the sidecar. Vince sometimes has spread-out legs, as kids would put him on the motorcycle even though his legs don't bend.
357 Firestar 1 1980 Gray or black spaceship that fits one figure; white life support cable; Spaceman figure with green face, purple/gray hair, and a black spacesuit. Man has hole in his back to fit the cable. This set was pretty common and doesn't fetch alot of money
358 Deep Sea Diver 1980 Diver in old fashioned white diving suit with attached helmet, brown treasure chest, orange air hose attached to flag and buoy, orange octopus. Very possible for diver's helmet to be broken off and detached
359 Land Speed Racer 1981 yellow flat race car with slide backseat with gray motor; Man with black shoes, orange/red suit, and black helmet. Figure was unique to this set
360 Alpha Recon 1982 3 pieces: orange moon vehicle with one seat, silver radar mast, white spaceman with full helmet wearing white hood under his helmet, with yellow attached pack on his back.  
367 Turbo Hawk 1982 Blue jet with dark tinted canopy that opens; white stand; Man in all white suit, black shoes, gray and black helmet with breathing apparatus over mouth.  
368 Alpha Interceptor 1982 2 piece space vehicle - circular engine platform and separate one-seat cruiser; Astronaut with orange body white pack astronaut, wearing a blue hood inside his helmet.  
369 Ground Shaker Funny Car 1982 Spring wound yellow-bodied car, with red and black undercarriage; H-shaped bar to hold up body of car from the undercarriage; Figure is black body driver, with red boots and gloves, and a large white helmet. . This set came as a disassembled kit, designed for a child to put the car together themselves.
370 Trail Boss 4x4 1983 Brown pickup truck with black roll bars; figure is a man with black boots, blue pants, yellow shirt, and black hair with tan cowboy hat and sunglasses. This set came as a disassembled kit, designed for a child to put the car together themselves.
371 Opticon (One Figure) 1983 Card with one figure: Opticon - orange and gray robot with straight arms, a large orange translucent eye, and rocket orange boots. The figure was sold on a card designed for specifically for that figure. Opticon is a very rare figure to find; never came in a set
372 Supersonic Pilot (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: Supersonic Pilot - pilot with red helmet, black visor, and mouth covered with breathing apparatus, blue body, white sleeves, black shoes and gloves.The figure was sold on a card designed for specifically for that figure. Figure never came in a set
373 Highway Trooper (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: Highway Trooper - policeman with black shirt, blue helmet, gray pants, and a silver badge on his shirt. The figure was sold on a card specifically designed for that figure. Figure never came in a set
374 Space Commander (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: Space Commander - Man with full white beard and mustache, full red suit, gold-colored boots. The figure was sold on a card specifically designed for that figure. Figure never came in a set
375 Sky Surfer 1981 The rarest Adventure Person set. Set included a large kite/hang glider plus harness, a cord, and launcher. Figure was a smaller man, with a dark blue pants, blue shirt, dark hair and orange helmet. The arms are bent at the elbows, designed to hold the harness over his head. Very hard to find, though figure was common since it was sold separately. Not many of this set was made, since it was discontinued due to safety issues with the cord, plus it didn't work great.
377 Astro Knight 1982 2 versions of this toy. First version: red/yellow/white foam glider, with tan man with black boots, unmovable legs, with tan squarish helmet. Second version: red/blue/white foam glider, with blue man, silver boots, with unmovable legs and blue squarish helmet. Not easy to find the glider intact, since it was made of foam
378 X-Ray Woman (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: X-Ray woman was all translucent green; with purple hair, with computer panel on chest. Figure was sold on a card designed just for this figure, which showed X-Ray man walking in the background. Figure never came in a set
379 Astro Knight (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: This card had one of two figures: Either a tan man with unmovable legs, black boots, and a tan squarish head; or a blue man with silver boots, unmovable legs, and a blue squarish head. These were the same figures sold in the #377 Astro Knight set. The card was designed specifically for these figures. If the tan figure was in the blister on the card, usually the card's design showed the blue one on it; and if the blue figure was being sold on the card, the tan figure would be shown on the card's design.
380 Clawtron (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: Figure is a black robot, with black helmet, with claws on the end of both arms. Card was designed specifically for this figure. Figure was never sold in a set
381 X-Ray Man(One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure: X-Ray Man has all-green translucent body, bare green feet and legs, purple hair, computer control panel on chest. Card was specifically designed for this figure, and showed X-Ray Woman walking in the background. Figure was never sold in a set
382 Rescue Pilot (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure - figure was one of two: Either a black male pilot with gold suit, black shoes, white helmet; or a white male pilot with blue suit, blond hair wearing headphones. The gold pilot was also sold in #305 Rescue Copter, and blue pilot was sold in #323 Aero-Marine Rescue.
383 Paramedic (One Figure) 1981 Card with one figure - figure could be of 3: Either blue male paramedic, red hat, brown hair, yellow gloves; All-white woman with blond hair; or a woman in all blue with blond hair. The male pilot is from #303 Rescue Truck and #350 Rescue Team. The white female is from #350 Rescue Team. The blue female is from #303 Rescue Truck.
384 Frogman (One Figure) 1981 Card with one figure. Figure is in an all blue wetsuit, with blue hood. Card was designed specifically for this figure. This figure was sold in #323 Aero-Marine Rescue.
385 Cycle Racer (One Figure) 1981 Card with one figure. Figure has black boots, brown pants, orange shirt with white sleeves, yellow helmet with green visor. Card was designed specifically for this figure. This figure was sold in #356 Cycle Racing Team.
386 Dune Buster (One Figure) 1981 Card with one figure. Figure has blue pants, gold boots, red shirt, and cowboy hat with brown hair and sunglasses. Card was designed specifically for this figure.  
387 Indy Racer (One Figure) 1981 Card with one figure. Figure has yellow suit, white helmet with green visor, red stripes down legs and arms, brown shoes. Card was designed specifically for this figure. This figure was also sold in the #308 Super Speed Racer
388 Stunt Man (One Figure) 1982 Card with one figure. Male figure has dark blue pants, blue shirt, orange helmet. Figure is slightly smaller than most other figures. Card was designed specifically for this figure. This figure was also sold in the #375 Sky Surfer
389 Alpha Pilot(One Figure) 1983 Card with one figure. All-gray astronaut with large gray helmet and black screen over face, with black boots and control panel on chest. Card was designed specifically for this figure. This figure was not sold in a set; one of the rarest figures.
390 Brainoid(One Figure) 1983 Card with one figure. Figure has clear attached helmet with orange brain inside, one orange arm and claw hand, one gray hand, and gray shirt and pants with control panel on chest. The card was designed specifically for this figure. This figure was not sold in a set; one of the rarer figures.
399 Individual Figures on a tan-colored card 1979 Tan-colored card with one figure inside a plastic blister pack. There were many figures sold on these cards. Some include: Tan Man, yellow woman, and blue boy from #304 Safari set; Vince from #356 Cycle Racing Team; Blue man from #303 Rescue Truck and #350 Rescue Team; Green man from #307 Wilderness Patrol; Yellow racer from #308 Super Speed Racer; White man from #354 Daredevil Parachute; Both men from #312 Northwoods Trailblazer; Black pilot in gold suit from #305 Rescue Copter; Woman in white with blond hair from #350 Rescue Team.

So Thank You for checking out our site! And keeping the memory of the mighty Fisher-Price Adventure People alive and kicking!

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