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Fisher-Price Collectors Club

Toy-Related Links

Welcome! Here you will find some links to web sites with Fisher-Price toys and information on them. As with any websites, some links below may not be updated anymore, but such is life on the Internet. For club members, if you would like to have your web site added to this section, you can do so by sending a brief summary of what your web page covers and the link to it, and send it to the email address on the main page. You must be an outstanding club member to do that.

Online Auction Sites - Looking to buy some toys? Or sell? There is no site bigger than Ebay! Ebay has a category for Fisher-Price toys, located in "Toys & Hobbies", then in the "Pretend Play/Preschool" Category. Some also can be found under Toys & Hobbies in the "Vintage and Antique Toys" category. Have fun!

Facebook Groups - As is the rage of the Internet nowadays, has become the place for social networking. And there are a few groups dedicated to Fisher-Price Little People and other toys! So if you are young (they all naturally know this stuff) and/or if you understand all this new Internet social networking stuff, then Facebook is a great place to find others who love Fisher-Price toys. Clicking on the link listed here will bring you to the largest of the Facebook Little-People Group, but there are plenty of others, too! You may have to be logged in to search Facebook to find these groups, but making a login isn't too hard (and you don't have to supply lots of information if you don't want to).

Company and Museum Sites - Here is the site for the Fisher-Price toy company. Of course, the site shows only the current toys being produced. Sadly it doesn't show anything vintage!

Toy Town Museum - This was a museum that celebrated toys! As of this writing (May 2009), sadly the museum has since closed it's facility on Girard Avenue in East Aurora. The future is uncertain, to say the least.

Toy Guides - WOW! This is a great site, and a very large one too! If you need to find info about a set, or a certain Fisher-Price figure, check here! They have toys listed by set number and year. Someone put an incredible amount of work into this website, which helps preserve Fisher-Price information for years to come!

Member Websites and Yahoo Groups

Joe and Becky's Toy Box - Members Joe and Becky have a fun site! There are many toys listed to sell; plus information on rare parts to look for; and even their Little People having adventures comic-strip style!

Kelley and Jason's Fisher-Price Toys - Kelley and Jason have many, many vintage Fisher-Price toys for sale, plus plenty of other older lines of toys, too! Check it out!

Fisher-Price Peek-A-Block Club - One of Fisher-Price's newer, more collectable line of toys is the Peek-A-Blocks. On Yahoo, there is a group dedicated to collecting these toys. As with many groups, not sure how active the group is, but still a fun read for fans of the Peek-A-Blocks!

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Last Updated: July 26, 2009