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Updated: October 29, 2012

Convention 2012 was held over the weekend of July 27 & 28.
We had a great time as always - Scroll on down for photos!

During the summer of 2012, the Fisher - Price Collectors Club held our annual convention on Friday July 27th and Saturday July 28th, in East Aurora NY. We had a social hour, a nice sit-down dinner filled with fun activities, and our annual vintage and collectible toy show and sale. We had a really nice turnout, good weather, and plenty of conversation all around!

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If you want to see a map of the convention's events in East Aurora (this is updated for the 2012 Convention), click here!

Schedule of Events:
Below is a schedule of the events held during the weekend. All events took place in East Aurora, NY. Why East Aurora? It's the home of the Fisher-Price factory!

Friday July 27, 2012
3:00 - 4:00 pm
Social Hour - come and gab about toys, anything and everything! For Club Members and their friends and family Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street, East Aurora NY
Friday July 27, 2012
4:00ish - 4:30ish pm
Meeting of the Board (Only board members and officers have to attend - the rest of the club doesn't have to worry about this!) Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street, East Aurora NY
Friday July 27, 2012
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Annual Dinner - Dinner is for club members and their friends/family; reservations required (mailed to Jacquie). Food is served buffet-style, dessert included! Come and chat! Village Kitchen Cafe
Riley Street, East Aurora NY
Saturday July 28, 2012
9:00 - 4:00 pm
East Aurora's Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Sale - lots of food and festivities for the kids! (The festival is taking place right across the parking lot from the club's toy sale.) Main Street from around Pine Street down towards Maple Street.
Saturday July 28, 2012
9:00 - 2:30 pm
Fisher-Price Collectors Club's Toy Show and sale - many antique and collectible toys for sale! Come and see your favorite toys from childhood! We have more sellers than last year, so more to see! See The Toy Sale Page for more general details. Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street, East Aurora NY

Photos of the 2012 Convention

This year, the club tried something new - we held our annual dinner on Friday night of our convention, as opposed to Saturday like in prior years. Having dinner on Friday worked well for just about everyone (well except for Charlie, so sorry Charlie, but he made it anyways), and we had the biggest turnout in years. Dinner was held at the Village Kitchen Cafe. We had almost 40 people, which is great!

Like in prior years, dinner was served buffet-style. While we wait for everyone to come, club members chat away about everything under the sun. Dinner is soon served - we have prime rib, salmon, rolls, fruit platter, vegetable medley, plus more! Plenty for everyone!

Our club's youngest member Presley poses for a photo. At only age 7, he already has a huge classic Little People collection! Way to go!

After finishing dinner and dessert, we start our festivities for the evening. Door prizes are awarded - here Tammy and her mom pose with their prize Pebbles the Camel, a reproduction toy made by the ToyTown Museum. (The ToyTown Museum was located at the Fisher-Price factory campus in East Aurora, but sadly closed in 2009.)

"Whatcha get???"

Here another door prize awarded, this time it's Blizzard the Bear, also a reproduction toy made by the ToyTown Museum.

It's time to award the club's Caring and Sharing Award, which is given to a club member or friend/family who went above the call of duty to give back and help their community. This year Holly's son got the award for volunteering with their local Meals on Wheels chapter. Proud Mom got her camera going - she isn't going to miss a minute of this!

After some more prizes, raffle drawing and announcements, it's time for our main event of the night. This year, we are doing "Getting to Know You" - we pick random names, and ask that person a fun question about their toys! Some questions asked were: What's your favorite toy; what's your best surprise yard/flea/rummage sale find; What toy was your best bargain; What toy will you never ever give up; What toy you always wanted but never bought yet.

Some answers given were: "What toy will you never give up?" Lucas answers: 1937's Pushcart Pete; "What's your most surprising rummage/flea market find?" Sue answers: the 1962 #990 Safety School Bus; "What's your favorite recent find?" Presley answers: The Adventure People Northwoods Trailblazer set.

Pretty cool hearing all the different answers!

After some more trivia questions, some more gabbing, and more chatting about our collections, the evening comes to a close. We ask Presley if he had a great time, and of course he did!! But the convention is only half over, it's time for everyone to head back to our homes/hotels, as many of us have to get up pretty early - the sale is tomorrow!

After a good night's sleep, it's time for the club's annual sale on Saturday! The sale (officially nicknamed "Toys From the Attic") is held at the Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pine Street, right off of Main Street. Follow the balloons and come on in!

At opening, there were many buyers lined up to come in, all looking for some of their favorite vintage toys. The sale was quite busy! After the initial rush, we had plenty of shoppers coming in throughout the day. Many people who stopped in were attending the Street Festival taking place outside on Main Street. Some club members who didn't make the dinner stopped in during the sale - great to see them!

We have vendors selling all types of Fisher-Price toys, as well as other vintage collectibles. There are many Little People sets and pieces for sale, wooden pull toys, other older Fisher-Price toys, newer Little People including current day ones as well as the 1990's "Chunkies", Toyfest special editions and reproductions, plus other lines of toys - tin toys, dolls, etc. Lots to see!

Lots of classic Fisher-Price Little People sets for sale here! Plus many with the original boxes!

Looking for a Fisher-Price Little People part you need? It may be in here ....

Maybe that missing Little People part you been searching for is in here! One of our club members has a large volume of Little People pieces, so there is plenty to look at!

Anyone looking for a wooden pull toy? A Junior Circus (does it have the red ball?), A train? We got them all.

Need anything in here?

Some of our club members don't just collect the classics - the new modern day Little People sets are becoming favorites, too!

The sale even has some of the very first Fisher-Price toys ever made, from the 1930's. They don't get much older than this!

Some more older Fisher-Price toys here. I spy: a Snoopy with the box; A Toy Wagon; a 1950's Timmy Turtle.

During the sale, many club members take a few minutes to visit the Fisher-Price retail store located up the street at the Fisher-Price Factory campus on Girard Avenue. Inside, you can buy many currently-in-production Fisher-Price toys; plus clothing and merchandise with the Fisher-Price logo (like hats, sweatshirts, etc); plus some reproduction toys, and many others too! Always worth a visit, even for the vintage collector.

The Toy Sale is part of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce's Street and Sidewalk Festival, taking place outside the church on Main Street. Most club members step out of the sale to see the events, and to get some lunch (we only have Fisher-Price plastic play food at the sale).

Oh wow! They got a Moon Bounce thing here!! It's shaped like a castle. Wouldn't it be so much cooler if it was shaped like the Little People #993 Castle. Hey we can wish.

And the Street Festival even as some sort of mascot guy making appearances! Many local businesses have booths set up - I can't remember which business he was from. Looks a bit like a giant FP Husky toy to me.

The East Aurora Chamber of Commerce has a booth set up. The Fisher-Price Collectors Club is part of the Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors this event for our toy sale.

OK, after lunch it's back to the sale! What more toys to purchase? Who needs to run to the ATM?

I spy here a: Merry Mutt; Little People Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 1990 Chunky-style Little People McDonalds set with the box; The Sesame Street Brownstone; A Snorky fire truck; A #728 Mickey Mouse Xylophone; a Chatter Phone; a Pocket Radio.

Ohhh lots to see here! Some oldest style Little People from the late 50's/early 60's; A Children's Hospital; Record Players; Play Family Bath and Utility Set on the original card; A yellow/blue #952 House; Crazy Clown Brigade.

Ahhh look at this! Need some Fisher-Price Little People for your sets? No shortage of them here!

"Hey Tammy, what did you get???" She shows off her new toys - I think there is room in those bags for a few more!

As we approached closing, it's time for all our last minute shopping. Quick, check all the vendors one last time!

As the day ends, the club members say their bye's until next year. We hope to once again have our convention next July (which will be the club's 20th anniversary!), and we wish everyone a happy year with plenty of Fisher-Price toys to fill their time!

So until next year, collectors!

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Last Updated: October 29, 2012

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