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The Fisher-Price Collectors Club's
2008 Annual Convention!

Club member Ted captivates the audience with mint-in-the-box Music Box Tick-Tock Clocks! Yes, awesome stuff!
    The Fisher-Price Collectors Club got together for our annual convention over the weekend of August 23-25, 2008. It's the place for old friends who been in the club to reconnect and catch up with each other; plus to meet the new collectors who love and enjoy Fisher-Price toys!

Our 2008 Annual Convention had some major hurdles in the planning stages, but fortunately, all came together in time! Our biggest challenge was the cancelation of East Aurora's Toyfest celebration, which always coincided with our annual convention. For largely finanical reasons, sadly East Aurora and the ToyTown Museum decided to no longer sponser Toyfest. This cancelation left our club scrambling for a new venue! Fortunately, thanks to lots of hard work by some dedicated club members, plus the Toytown Museum graciously helping us out, our annual convention was a success!

For this year, we held our annual antique toy show and sale in a new location - the Toytown Museum! Our annual banquet dinner was held at a fine local restaurant, the Village Kitchen. Including friends and family, we had around 60-70 club members attending the events, plus many others coming to the sale. So like in most years, we gabbed; we chatted; we share our rummage sale finds; we hear about everyone's families; we sold, swapped, and traded toys; and at the end, we wondered if all our new toys will fit into our cars for the drive home! (And no, that last comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular .... really ...)

2008 Schedule of Events

Here is the schedule of events for our 2008 convention:

Friday August 22, 2008

1:00 until Museum Closing - Club Member's reception at the Toytown Museum. Everyone is welcome!

Saturday August 23, 2008

10:00 am to 4:00 pm - Annual Antique Toy Show and Sale at the Toytown Museum. Public welcomed!

4:00 pm - Fisher-Price Collectors Club Board Meeting at the Toytown Museum.

6:00 pm - Annual Dinner at the Village Kitchen Cafe, East Aurora. Ted will do a presentation about the Fisher-Price Tick Tock Musical and Teaching clocks. Dinner usually lasts until 9:00ish. (Dinner is for club members & their guests; to attend the dinner, reservations are required. Members receive their invitation in the mail.)

Sunday August 24, 2008

10:00 am to 3:00 pm - Antique Toy Show and Sale at the the Toytown Museum. Public is very much welcome!

Photos from the 2008 Convention

      For the first time, the sale took here at the Toytown Museum, in East Aurora, on the grounds of the Fisher Price factory. In prior years, the sale was held on Main Street during Toyfest.

      Everyone getting their tables ready, and setting up their Fisher Price toys for sale! The sale took place over two days, and the club also had a charity auction of toys, generously donated by a member.

      Got to check out everyone's toys and see if someone has that gosh-darn-missing-part you always been looking for ....!

      As in prior years, toys for sale all over! Many Fisher Price Little People, plus wooden pull toys, and much more! Even some tin Marx ones in there.

      Shelves of classic Fisher-Price wooden pull toys for sale. I see Huffy Puffy 999, Teddy Zilo, Looky Chug-Chug, the Fisher-Price Choo Choo - what do you spy?

      The dinner took place Saturday night after the sale. Like in 2007, the annual dinner was held here at the East Aurora Country Kitchen Cafe restaurant. A good buffet awaits all! Now who parked their car in front there, messing up my photo? About 40 Club members and their friends and family attended the dinner.

      Long-time member Ted is our speaker for the evening, telling us all about the 60's models of the Fisher-Price Musical Tick-Tock Clocks and the later made Teaching Clocks. Of course, he has them mint-in-the-box! The clocks play the song "Grandfather's Clock".

      Ted brought his collection of Musical Tick-Tock Clocks - you won't find any in better condition than these! Original boxes and all. Even has a very rare yellow handle version of the 2nd version of the brown clock (yes, exciting stuff!).

      Yep, here's a rare sight indeed! The inner guts of the Musical Tick-Tock Clocks! Bet you always wondered what made them work ....!

      Here are all of the Teaching/Tick-Tock Musical clocks that were part of the presentation. So how is YOUR collection of Fisher-Price clocks? Missing one? Or two ...

      Our long-time member Stirling holds up his Teaching Clock. This particular Teaching Clock is a real clock - the insides were modified to actually tell real time! He was an employee at the Fisher-Price factory, and has shared many stories over the years!

Yes, as the weekend winded down, a great time was had by all. Now we all return to our normal lives, hopefully with some new toys to liven things up a little!

Until next year, collectors!

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